We had been under the treatment of Dr.Uma Venkatesh for the past four months.Her method of Pulse Balancing had spectacular effects on both me and my wife. I was suffering from back-ache, acidity, and sleeplessness. All problems were greatly reduced in three or four sessions. Now, I am happy to say that the acidity problem completely vanished and other problems are diminished greatly. I advise many people are aware of these alternate systems of medicine that are safe and have no side effects.


I was suffering from Dust Allergy for two years. After knowing the Pulse Balancing treatment, I approached Dr. Umaa Venkatesh within a week, I'm fully recovered. Pulse Balancing is really -effective and Amazing without any oral medicine or food restriction, One-minute treatment once a week could solve a long time ailment. I am very much thankful to you.

C.Sridharan / Chennai

I have been taking treatment with her for six months. I am highly impressed by her concept of 'Pulse Balancing', which was what brought me in to take up the treatment. I am a Software Professional. My career takes a toll on my health in terms of stress, backache, irregular food habits which results in stomach problems and such health issues. After taking treatment from Dr. Umaa Venkatesh, I can see the changes in my health and feeling more active and confidently moving around. I wish Dr. Uma Venkatesh, who is bringing light in the life of many people, to continue to spread this light of health and awareness throughout humanity.

N.Uma Sankari / Chennai

I have been taking treatment from DR.Uma Venkatesh past seven months for asthma, by god’s grace miraculalously I have been cured 100% of my asthma. Previously I had no belief in Pulse Balancing and my friend and her father almost dragged me here to try Pulse Balancing.

A. R. Reihana

I heard from my relative Thiru K. Nandagopal and his wife residing at Chennai, Tamil Nadu about the treatment for hyper tense and I have been impelled to undergo this treatment from January 23, 2005 for hyper tense and little enlargement if prostrate and also for my wife Smt. A. Rukmani aged about 55 years for her arthritis on the middle finger of the right hand and pain on her thigh and shoulder on the left side and severe pain on the heels due to cracks in foots. Though I have hesitated to stop tablets, the treatment had been went through but stopped for past fifteen days. The level of hyper tense is found unaltered even after stopping tablets. We have started to feel better by the treatment and guidelines of Dr. Uma Venkatesh. We are yet to see the results of enjoying the spirit of true health in due course of this treatment. I wish all success in your miraculous endeavor to do this noble service to the society since such type of medical treatment is nobler.

R. RAM RAJAN, I. P. S., Supdt. Of Police/Commandant. Regimental Centre, Avadi.

I feel highly privileged and especially happy to present this matter, which is a marvelous medical subject. My wife and I got married happily eight years back. We have been a happy couple for the last eight years. In this span of time, my wife became pregnant twice, but suffered abortions. After two missed abortions, I referred my wife to a famous Gynecologist in Chennai, but due to the negligence of the doctor, it resulted in Ectopic pregnancy and one fillopian tube got burst; and it was removed surgically. After all this struggle and agony it was a good fortune and god’s grace that led us and guided us to Dr. Umaa Venkatesh. She is so talented and a genius, that by feeling the pulse, she was able to diagnose the complete health disorder and started treating us in classical Pulse Balancing method. So happy to declare that this has proved to be a marvelous medical success in conceiving and finally up to delivering the baby in full health. We experienced and relished the most glorious success of Dr. Umaa Venkatesh’s patience hearing to all our problems, and of the most efficient Pulse Balancing system of victory.

N. Anitha Padmanaban - Southern Railway K. Jayashree - National Insurance CO.., Chennai -6

I approached Dr. Uma Venkatesh in the month of April'2010 for the treatment of Diabetes. I stopped taking Fenocor, Nusar and Pregeb tablets from May'2010 as per her advice. Now, I am taking only Azulix half tablet and Jalra half tablet on an irregular basis. My Blood sugar level came down gradually. At present, I am doing Meditation, Surya Namaskar and taking Dry fruits in the morning as per doctor's Advice.

R S Gowri Shankar / Chennai
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