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Five Elements

Five Elements

Experience the natural way of healing

Everything in this world gets evolved, where the lifelines and threats also get evolved day by day. We, humans, use to survive with the help of nature but failed to preserve it. Nature, the so-called mother of all the living things, our soul and body that directly related to it. Likewise, a mother takes care of her child, who cares a lot on the health of her child. The first and foremost thing is to live without any disease or infirmity to lead a healthy life. Acquiring, healthy life is the biggest survival task here, where we use to create new diseases instead of preventing life forms. We are pretending to create problems and use to live within it but we forget to look back that we already have the savior with us. Get out of the blindfold that only medicines can help you to come out of any diseases. Acceptance of alternative methods of treatment and more specifically as the safest bet for curing any diseases. Playing safe is always a right and needful thing for every human. A meaningful solution for all sorts of human health issues with the help of mother nature could save the earth hereafter. Introducing our way of holistic therapy that will reconnect and rejuvenate our soul and body by the classical single needle system.

Dr. Uma Venkatesh enlightens the holistic way of evolved acupuncture treatment by replacing strenuous or painful treatment method involving the usage of innumerable needles. Involvement on advancing and evolute a pain-free classical single needle treatment method to give the best way of side effects free diagnostic pattern in the field of medicine. The pioneer of the “Pulse balancing” method to treat every people by finding and diagnosing the energy blockage in our body through the root system of the human body known as “Naadi”. Understanding the concept of universal energy flow to rejuvenate the human body, through the receiving source element called naadi. Beyond the expectation, we need to believe that the existence of life along with nature and universal energy remains unbeatable, likewise the humans we crossed in our mythology. The gap that has been created between the human and nature pretends to disconnect us from the actual way of living to what we used to do for survival now. Our motive is to make people by our natural way of treatment to live a Quality life with a healthy throughout the lifespan.

The vision of every people to get rid of the chronic killer diseases without any pain. Then, Mytrey’s Holistic will be the best solution to the cure naturally.


An Enriched soul

The one, who succeeded with having all the prosperity from nature known as “Enriched soul”. Humans having all their life needs as an open-source, when we came to known how to reach the energy from the universe, we can find a way to be an Enriched soul. The flow of the universal energy within our body is balanced through pulse balancing. This may be not acceptable but it is possible in the way that we the microcosm are connected to the universe or the macrocosm. When this energy meets the human body creates a lifeline without any miseries, that automatically creates an Aura of health, wealth and success within us. Immortality is not a boon, its a universal energy flow and balancing the energy within our body and it will not be a secret anymore. A kind of immortal holistic health in your life span can be achievable through the pulse balancing.

The Universe and you

The beginning of the universe that we used to study by the “Big bang” and the going to end in a “Blackhole”. We naturally engaged and purely depend on the universe when we came into existence, evolution leads the way of humans to explore and experience the art of survival. Now, we exhausting everything and got separated from the universe leads to the collapse in lifespan and survival. Instead of being with nature, we artificially making everything we need.

“Andhathil ulladhey, pindathil ulladhu” – those words are the truth about the universe to living species. This universal truth somewhere buzzing in mythology and words of Siddhas, the concept of “Pancha Boothas” strongly believed by everyone, about the five elements of our mother nature. The effects of the universal elements on every living thing drive the world in a continuous process until the destruction of the entire universe. 

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” – Conversion of energy from one form to another form is the universal law of energy flow. Distinguishing the universal energy flow to the energy flow within the human body can relate the similarities to prove that energy can be converted into a different form to run the basic lifeline to survive.


Impacts of Pancha boodhaas

The formation of universal energy categorised into a basic five elements, where everything is made up of. The five elements encompass all that is needed to survive in this creation, without ceasing to exits. The art of balancing the flow of these universal energies within our body is the way to lead a holistic life. According to our mythology, “Pancha bhoodhas” is the common elements that all the living and non-living creations are made off and we everything are the by-products of universal energy respectively. This huge energy from universe considered as Macrocosm and the same energy within us is considered as the microcosm. The energy that continuously flows from macrocosm to microcosm and is stored in the visceral organs and move through the specific meridians in the body in a regular and cyclic pattern. As far as how it is essential to acquire these energies, and also balancing these energy flow matters a lot. Imbalance or energy blockage may lead to the collapse of energy flow will result in acquiring related diseases concerning the root problems of particular energy blocks. 

 The Pancha bhoodham – the five universal elements are inter-related to each other for their existence. Missing any one of these may results in a great collapse in both Micro and macrocosm. Breaking the chain of this universal co-cycle process leads to the destructive cycle of our mother planet.

The constructive cycle (The Beginning)

 “The construction and destruction of an element will only be done by its cause” – when there is a beginning, obviously there must be an ending. The in-between process from the beginning is said to be Constructive-cycle (Co-cycle). Simply, as we know that the energy can be converted to one form to another form for existence. Co-relating this theory of thermodynamics to our basic universal co-system, we used to find the existing universe – human relationship in the theoretical form of science to make proof of real existence. “We always need to prove everything scientifically right!!!”.

We people know that “The big bang” – the beginning of everything that came from great destruction. 

  • Our mother earth came as a glowing fireball benchmarked the first element formed as “The Fire (Agni)”.
  • The glowing molten fireball takes a huge time to condense and create a solid crust “The Earth (Bhumi)”.
  • Crushes of the earth’s crust become as sand particles that mixed up with each other to form the Third element “The Air (Vayu)”.
  • Highly heated up Air that condensed to form as dark clouds lead to form “The Water (Varuna)”.
  • Water that touches our mother earth’s crust, our planet got flourished with the greens “The Wood (Life)”.

We wonder that the existence of each universal elements depends on the other elements, integrated to form a balanced way of the universal construction cycle. The integrity of the universal elements is the perfect co-relation of the energy flow in microcosm.


Holistic lifestyle

From the existence of life on our mother earth, we humans maintained their open relationship with the universe. Nature mother feeds everything we want for survival, the universal energy flow within the human body to furnish great health. Instead of making research, humans believed the universal energy and as believes drives them to the holistic life. Fire, that found by an accidental process of flicking two stones but it exists naturally likewise everything naturally exists, the way we found the purpose of existing energy, evolved the humans to next-next step and finally now stands out in the name of the well-civilized human being but creating a very huge gap in-between the natural way of living.

For a holistic life, we have to believe and understand the universal energy. The human body has organs internally and externally visible are all made up of a specific element, Each element receives the corresponding energy from the universe that rejuvenates its relative organs. Each energy having its pathway to reach their corresponding called “Meridians” that lies under the skin. From head to toe, the enormous number of meridians runs across to each organ to receive the relevant energies thereby in a particular time. For example, Lungs receives energy from 3 to 5 am, likewise every organ had their own time of receiving and rejuvenation to stay healthy, wealthy and successful in life.

The destructive cycle (The Collapse)

Simply, the destruction of this energy cycle leads to the occurrence of diseases in the human body. The destructions can occur due to the imbalance of universal energy in our body and the energy trapped inside and doesn’t tends to flow further, made chances for excessive energy retain within our body and problem in receiving any of the universal energy. 

These are the categorized destruction cycle, to elaborately discuss further. We never thing to leave this mother earth unhappily, but we do everything in a very contrast way. To be noted that there are 4448 diseases can affect a human body as per the research and 888 diseases occur in each human body sectors. The classifications under the excessive, lack and undeceived way of universal energy and their impacts in our health were clearly stated for your good sake to understand how important to procrastinate our way of living.

In co-cycle, diseases are formed when there is a problem in the formation of the element. As we take our mother earth as an example, fireball condensed to form the crust and if the cooling process is incomplete then earth carries the heat within. It results in a burning sensation in the stomach, Haemoglobin produced by the spleen gets destroyed immediately and bets accumulated in any part of the body or else excessive cell growth that leads to cancer, thyroid etc.

From earlier, we saw how these elements are inter-related and depend on each other and how they create an impact on imbalance. The blockage in the receiving meridian creates pressure and leads to the imbalance state. For example, earth and clouds are the reservoirs of water, whereas there is some acceptance limit for soil to reserve the amount of water. An excessive amount of water leads to the clogged state, so that the soil may losses its quality, likewise, when energy clogged excessively without energy conversion or energy can’t receive by the organ further due to the loss of acceptance of energy by the particular organ in the human body. Similarly, we can explain that, in our body when water energy gets mixed with earth energy, nephron (functional unit of the kidney) get clogged and unable to purify the blood results in Kidney dysfunction latter. 

This chain reaction will continue to affect the related organs as same as like the energy flow chain breaks or can’t convert to next form creates collapse and this collapse resembles in symptoms of the diseases, the alert strikes to awake yourself on time.

Abstract big bang conceptual image.

Energy imbalance and their diseases

Here, we stated the energies and their relevant organs in the constructive cycle of universal energy. We used to show the energy imbalance and irregular flow of energy within our human body in a clear way. For example, let’s take the fire energy as a constant one and we going to explain the consequences happen with the other energy as diseases.


These energies get collapsed to form such diseases,


  • Hemoglobin count reduction.
  • Thyroid / Goitre
  • Diabetes
  • Stomach burning sensation
  • Cardiac and circulatory functions problem
  • Cell tissues production problems
  • Stomach disorders
  • Lack of cell consciousness

Fire energy imbalance that alone can cause high body temperature, headache, palpitation problems, and pulse rate deflection and also affect the earth energy-related organs due to the lack of energy conversion or excessive impact on organs to mislead and results in the occurrence of related diseases. Collapsing in earth energy that generally deals with the stomach, cell production problems.


The energy used as fuel of fire can cause damage in our nervous system, the root path of our human body. Where everything gets blocked to proceed further energy conversion via nerves and pays way of the rest of the problem.


  • Gall bladder  and liver disorder
  • Eye related defects
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Nervous system / artery/ veins problems
  • Tumour and stone formation

Wood energy that constitutes our very own powers like concentration, immunity, and memory. This destruction leads to the lack of every man acquiring powers tends to lose a healthy mentality and health respectively. Even the lack of wood energy and unconverted fire energy can cause those problems to mislead human health.

Any element can mix up with any other element, as far we see the fire energy with others as an example. Likewise, there are 4448 diseases overall and 888 diseases by each of the elements on excessive, imbalance, and non-receiving crises that make us suffer in a different form of the disease.


Both of these energies were more opposite to each other, even water can collapse fire completely likewise excessive fire can covert the water to form condensed gas. This is a highly dangerous one because it can collapse the human body by not leaving any symptoms too. And some other diseases that can occur due to this energy mixing.


  • Bone problems
  • Urinary bladder weakness
  • Kidney disorder
  • Complete collapse.

The symptoms that will show off in some ways like, Skin blackening, periods problem, semen problem, bone and skeleton system problem, hair dryness, hair fall, etc.


Similarly, the impact on Air energy imbalance deals with breathing and lungs related problems. Generally, we can relate the common impact of both huge energy and its effects, in reality, the same can relate within our body itself


  • Skin related problems
  • Large intestine related problems
  • Constipation
  • Lungs related issues 

Since some symptoms alert us from the above-related diseases. That makes sense to take care of our body to balance certain energy to get safe from other energy-related diseases also.