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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this treatment has any side effects?

No. Absolutely painless, drugless with no side effects.

On a regular basis of balancing one's pulse, can lifespan be prolonged?

Life span cannot be prolonged, but the quality of life a person lives will be enhanced. There would be no sufferings in his death bed. A person who balances his pulse regularly will LIVE PEACEFULLY & LEAVE PEACEFULLY..

How does this treatment works on Soul?

This treatment works only on body and Mind. For Soul we have separate process which does not come under the treatment.

What is the needle that is used for the treatment?

Either Copper or Silver as they are good conductors. They receive the universal energy and transmits to the affected parts in the human body.

How long should i come for this treatment?

The blockage in the meridian path has to be removed periodically and it’s like cleaning a house on a regular basis. By doing so, one can stay healthy.

Is there any diet restriction in Pulse Balancing?

No diet restriction.

How one can have a disease free life?

If a person regularly balances the five element and follows certain food habits he can have a disease free life. When he balances the five element in this treatment, the wood element is strengthened and so his immunity power is increased.

Is there any way of knowing what imbalances that I have apart from diagnosing the pulse?

Yes. You can find out from the characteristics Chart, what imbalances you have and what are the organs that might get affected because of that.

What are the diseases that can be treated?

Each element can cause 888 diseases and totally there are 4448 diseases in human body and all 4448 diseases can be treated. To Name a few Thyroid, Diabetes, BP,Heart related problems, Sinusitis, Infertility, Wheezing, Asthma, Back related problems, Vericose veins, Skin related problems,Cancer and HIV.