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Universal Destructive Cycle
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Universal Destructive Cycle

When everything is balanced in life, life goes peacefully. Problem arises when there is an imbalance. Same is the case with five elements.

Each element is inter -dependant on the other. The elements support each other in balanced conditions.

Earth requires water. Without water the earth dries up and at the same time too much of water will erode the soil away. Plants do not grow in either of these conditions.

Fire requires wetness (Water). This can be illustrated through a lamp. Wick requires wetness to get flamed. If it is dry it burns out quickly and at the same time too much of wetness will blow of the flame.

Fire requires Air. Either the absence of air or too much of air does not allow the fire to exist.

Wood requires Air for its growth. Absence of Air will affect the growth of plants and too much of air will destroy the plants.

Plants require soil. Too much of soil doesn’t allow the plants to grow and at the same time if it is low the plants cannot grow.

So whenever there is an imbalance in these elements they destroy each other and this is known as “Universal Destructive cycle”