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Nature does not give us disease on day one. First it shows in the form of Symptoms. It can be either in body or mind wise. Interestingly a person can check the imbalance on his own without diagnosing the pulse, just by using the below chart.

A Person who has an imbalance in a particular element will reveal the corresponding characters given inside the circle and in future he might get diseases related to those particular organs. If a person exhibits more than one character from each element then he has an imbalance in all those elements.

So the chart is an indicator to find out the diseases that might occur in future. For example, fire always flames in upward direction. A person with fire imbalance always wants to come up in life and because of the imbalance he doesn’t achieve it so. It leads to frustration and over a period he develops a depression. The organs affected are Heart and Small intestine. Soon the earth element gets affected as earth is formed from fire. He becomes content with whatever he has as the nature of earth is content. He never takes any risk in life. He remains the same and always has a doubtful mind whether he will succeed in life or not. The organs affected are Stomach and spleen. The cycle continues, when the imbalance is more he has more of negative qualities since each element has its own qualities.