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Art of pulse balancing

“Everyone can wish to change, only the wiser make it happen”

A vision towards holistic health

To reveal the basic relationship between the universe and human, and the impact of universal energy in the human body to lead a holistic life through the pulse balancing treatment. The human body made up of several organs that all can be related to the five elements of the universe. Understanding the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm, the universal energy will care for us to live an enriched life span.

Here the magic happens

In the traditional acupuncture method, pain is more visible than cure to the patient. Here the evolution of this treatment stepped up into a classical single needle treatment method. The complete painless method of diagnosing any diseases without any medicine and side effects after treatment. Pulse balancing is not only a treatment although an art of diagnosing diseases through understanding the variation in “Naadi”. Tracking the proper flow of universal energy to the human body through the “meridians (the energy entering point)”, by deeply understanding the naadi to find where the problem exactly occurs. A single need is enough for curing any disease to pinch it on the exact pressure point relevant to the energy blocking point.

How we treat

Generally, we people having some symptoms or disease, which we want to get rid of that further. Before the treatment, the patient should present in an empty stomach during the very first visit. The patient’s naadi has been deeply observed and diagnosed by our doctor, by piercing a single needle in that particular pressure point. Piercing in the corresponding pressure point results in clearing the blockage and allows the universal energy to flow freely.

How effective it is

Nowadays, diagnosing a disease may mislead many side effects due to the dosage of medicines. Diagnosing a disease should never result to have any suffering later. Here, our single needle diagnosing method is more effective to clear more than one particular disease, also cure the root way of all diseases simultaneously. Finally, everything ends up with perfect energy flow leads to a healthy body and a very healthy mind.

Be and create a healthy generation

To create a healthy generation, the foundation should be done with the utmost care. To understand this for living a healthy life in this generation is the root process to do it so. The huge percentage of people in earth got suffered from some chronic illness, some of them with minor diseases, some more on mentally and physically down and the rest of people may be fit. This is all usual because of our current way of living, from the food we take to the things we do for survival.

  • Future generation: Risk on lack of memory, concentration and immunity, brain disorder, speech disorder, hormone problem, eyesight problem, hyperactive, irregular food and sleep habits, bedwetting, stammering etc.
  • Youths and elders: Hair loss, Vision problem, back pain, hyper tension, stress, hormonal imbalance, obesity, blood pressure, haemoglobin defects, skin problems etc
  • Chronic sufferers: To people suffering under chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, asthma, kidney problem, Rheumatoid arthritis etc
  • Major Category: Who Seeking a stress-free, happy and peaceful life. To acquire a holistic body, mind and soul. 
  • Desired lifestyle: People who met with problems such as lack of mutual understanding and infertility related issues. We seek to have them a blessed life with a very healthy kid, to make feel them a complete soul.

The overall protection:

Pulse balancing that assured to cure any disease but the main major chronics, hormone, genetic, and mental related diseases that we diagnose with the utmost care.

Types of diseases can be cure

with pulse balancing


  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Blood pressure
  • Asthma 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • type-1 diabetes Mellitus
  • psoriasis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Endometriosis
  • Autism
  • Down syndrome 
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Brain disorders
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Eyes disorders
  • Paralysis


  • Reduces Obesity.
  • Blemishes the Skin.
  • Controls Hair fall.
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Corrects Speech Disorders
  • Pulse Balanced Parents can produce Healthy, Intelligent and Beautiful babies
  • Controls Diabetes
  • Balances the Hormonal Secretion
  • Regulates Menstrual Problems
  • Increases Haemoglobin Count
  • Corrects GERD ( Gastro Esophageal reflux disease )
  • Increases Immunity
  • Corrects Neuro Disorders
  • Regulates brain disorders
  • Improves proper vision (including power in eyes)
  • Gives Relief for Diseases such as Asthma, Wheezing, Thyroid, BP, Diabetes, Kidney related Problems, Urinary related problems, Circulatory problems, Psoriasis, Allergy, Liver related problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis.


  • Creates Harmony
  • Corrects Sleeping Disorders
  • Removes Agoraphobia
  • Streamlines eating pattern
  • Improves decision-making skills
  • Increases grasping power
  • Gives Peaceful Mind
  • Increases Self Confidence
  • Gives a positive approach towards life
  • Peace of mind

About the Doctor

Doctor L. Umaa Venkatesh

Let’s meet our Doctor L. Umaa Venkatesh MD in Acupuncture from the University of Colombo, Srilanka, A well-experienced acupuncture specialist over 14 years in this field and over 20 years of expertise in Pulse balancing. The founder of the Santhoshi medical research foundation that runs successfully over the years and is a vision for so many people. A huge dedication and effort, over 18 years of research to give an exact solution to all health-related problems, never going to stop her work dedication towards making a healthy generation.

As of her great effort, An advanced technique of Acupuncture known as “Pulse Balancing”, was implemented and pays the way for the natural way of acquiring holistic health for happy living from the Universal elements.

Expertise in diagnosing various diseases even some deadly chronic one such as diabetes, heart problems, thyroid, kidney disfunction etc with her magical way of balancing our pulse to sweep out blockages in the energy flowing paths. Even the modern way of medical researches unable to diagnose some medical misfortunes and facing so many new miseries that we didn’t face it before. The precision is high on identifying the exact disease that a patient may probably be a victim of even 3 years later within a minute. A deep down observation and experience over understanding the “Naadi” give her insight into the screening of energy flow within that person. She even treats infants less than 6-10 months old in her effortless easygoing attitude.

Her confident approach and a clear vision over her research breakthrough in pulse balancing are proven by attaining a well balanced healthy, wealthy and successful life in a very natural way through this holistic diagnose method.

Awards and achievements:

The achievements were categorised by timeline, shows her consistent dedication and her impact on the medical field.

  • “Marundhilla MAruthuva Ulagin Oli Vilakku 2003” Award from the Acupuncture Association.
  • ISHMA has awarded “Master trainer in pulse balancing” – May 2013.
  • “Sadhanai chemmal” Award for her contribution to the service by conducting more than 100 rural camps every year from Maha fine Arts.
  • “Jambhavan” Award from the press and media Chennai towards her contribution to the field of medicine.
Pulse Balancing - Dr L Umaa Venkatesh
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Devender Kumar
good knowledge sharing. thanks
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Madhu Madhu
thank you pulse balancing for giving such a good health information..
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Anusha Rao
very good health tips available this page. thank you umma madam.
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Harisha Reddy
page super madam.i suggested my friends
Vyshnavi Dental
Vyshnavi Dental
natural medicinal plants education
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar
Pulse Balancing is a different way of treatment naturally without any medication with no food restrictions and very... simple diet.read more
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Samuel Abayomi
To know appropriate time to administer relief to any health challenges
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Chandramouli Sankaran
Good , I could sense it . Need at least some more sittings
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Shirish Sarwade
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Kumaran Sivaraman
ManoJay Narkar
ManoJay Narkar
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Karthi Jayaraman
Never knew such alternative treatments are available.
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