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Pulse Balancing – Dr. Umaa Venkatesh

The natural way of healing

Everything in this world gets evolved, where the lifelines and threats also get evolved day by day. We, humans, use to survive with the help of nature but failed to preserve it.

The Universe and you

“Andhathil ulladhey, pindathil ulladhu” – those words are the truth about the universe to living species. We naturally engaged and purely depend on the universe when we came into existence.

Impacts of Pancha boothas

The formation of universal energy categorized into a basic five elements, where everything is made up of. The art of balancing the flow of these universal energies within our body is the way to lead a holistic life.

What is pulse balancing?

A natural way of leading a healthy life and diagnosing any diseases by understanding the exact problem in the human body. To be noted that there are 4448 diseases that can affect a human body as per the research and 888 diseases occur in each human body sectors. A balanced life can lead only by acquiring and maintaining balanced health, the concept of balancing the energy flow throughout the human body by finding and diagnosing the energy blocks in-between the energy flowing paths and also used to preach how we are blessed to have this savior (the universe) with us all-time.

The Energy Flow

The five universal elements corresponding to the organs in the human body, that creates the energy flow and dependency of every energy on rejuvenating every organ.


Governs the small intestine, tongue, body temperature, pericardium, Heart, etc.


Deals with the spleen, stomach, tissues, blood, hormone & pancreas.


Relatively rejuvenates lungs, large intestine, nails, nose, skin, etc.


Maintains the kidney, urinary bladder, reproductive system, bones, ear, hair, etc.


The outsourcing of all the energy functionality to maintain the liver, a gall gladder, eyes, artery, Nerves, Immunity, concentration, memory power, creativity. etc.

The cyclic process of this universal energy flows in that order, meanwhile, this order of energy flows relatively as same as the order of functionality of human organs. So each and every energy is needed to rejuvenate every organ rather than the mainly corresponding organs of that particular energy. The concept of inter-related dependency of organs and its corresponding energies naturally drives the human lifeline.

Dr. Umaa Venkatesh

20 years of experience in Pulse Balancing

20 years of majestic effort results in the original way of Pulse balancing treatment by the great soul Dr. Uma Venkatesh, an acupuncture specialist and expertise in the field of medicine, has been a beacon of light of the magnitude of patients who come to her, seeking her expertise.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 10.43.47 PM

Here another glorious moment got captured today, our thanks to @Act now voluntary organization for awarding this “Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Memorial Excellence Award” of this year in HITEX, Hyderabad. It’s been a privilege to have this beautiful award in this great day. Dr. L Uma Venkatesh, got recognized for the fourth time followed by the “Master Trainer in Pulse Balancing award” from ISHMA, “Sadhanai Chemmal” award from maha fine Arts, and “The Jambhavan Award” from press and media Chennai in her 34 years of life-saving journey. Heading up to preach much more thing ahead on ” Marundhilla maruthuvam”. Not every people deserves a meaningful life journey for the benefit of everyone, unless a real example be found. Thanks and once again congratulating Dr. L. Umaa Venkatesh on this occasion, looking forwards to see her towards the successful journey.

Master Trainer in Pulse Balancing

Award from ISHMA

Saadhanai Chemmal

Award from Maha Fine Arts


Award from Press and Media Chennai

Lead a healthy generation without any side effects!

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Acupuncture Doctor Dr. L. Umaa Venkatesh with over 23 years of rich and varied experience in the field of medicine, has been a beacon of light to the multitude of patients who come to her seeking her expertise.






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Our Testimonials

Happy & Healthy clients

We had been under the treatment of Dr.Uma Venkatesh for the past four months.Her method of Pulse Balancing had spectacular effects on both me and my wife. I was suffering from back-ache, acidity, and sleeplessness. All problems were greatly reduced in three or four sessions. Now, I am happy to say that the acidity problem completely vanished and other problems are diminished greatly. I advise many people are aware of these alternate systems of medicine that are safe and have no side effects.


I was suffering from Dust Allergy for two years. After knowing the Pulse Balancing treatment, I approached Dr. Umaa Venkatesh within a week, I'm fully recovered. Pulse Balancing is really -effective and Amazing without any oral medicine or food restriction, One-minute treatment once a week could solve a long time ailment. I am very much thankful to you.

C. Sridharan

I approached Dr. Uma Venkatesh in the month of April'2010 for the treatment of Diabetes. I stopped taking Fenocor, Nusar and Pregeb tablets from May'2010 as per her advice. Now, I am taking only Azulix half tablet and Jalra half tablet on an irregular basis. My Blood sugar level came down gradually. At present, I am doing Meditation, Surya Namaskar and taking Dry fruits in the morning as per doctor's Advice.

R S Gowri Shankar


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